Holly J. Silvers is a board certified Physical Therapist specializing in sports orthopaedic rehabilitation in Santa Monica, CA.    She is a PhD candidate in Applied Physiology and Biomechanics at the University of Delaware.  She is a graduate of Western University of Health Sciences with a Masters Degree of Physical Therapy and of Rutgers University (BS: Biological Sciences and Communications).  She is a current member of United States Soccer Federation’s Medical Team, a member of Major League Soccer’s M-MARC (Medical Research Committee), and a member of the International Cartilage Research Society’s Rehabilitation Committee.   She is also the spokesperson for the American Physical Therapy Association’s taskforce on ACL Prevention.  In addition, she is the director of rehabilitation for Major League Soccer’s Los Angeles Galaxy and on Major League Baseball’s Hamstring Injury Prevention taskforce.

Currently, she is the owner of Velocity Physical Therapy and the director of research at the Santa Monica Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Research Foundation with a primary focus on ACL injury prevention, articular cartilage injury prevention and post-operative rehabilitation, groin injury and FAI treatment and prevention, hamstring injury assessment and prevention in Major League Baseball (MLB) and in soccer, and delineating return to play testing and guidelines post-injury in athletes.  Ms. Silvers-Granelli has published several peer reviewed articles on the prevention of ACL injury and prevention, cartilage implantation rehabilitation, groin and hip injury and patellofemoral disorders.