Professor Karim Khan, MBBS, PhD, FACSEP, FFSEM (UK) FFSEM (Ireland). Karim is an Australian-trained sport and exercise physician who worked at the elite level with Australian teams in basketball, volleyball and (field) hockey. He was the doctor for the Australian Ballet Company and School from 1990-1996 and a member of the volunteer venue sports medicine team at the Sydney Olympic Games (2000).

The 2nd half of his career to date has been in academic sports medicine (University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada) where he was appointed to Full Professor in 2008. He has been Editor in Chief of the British Journal of Sports Medicine since 2008 and he claims to have contributed to Brukner & Khan’s Clinical Sport Medicine (new 5th edition-Injuries, 2017). You can follow the BJSM on Twitter @BJSM_BMJ